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World History

The Beginning of The End


After World War II, America reverted back to its isolationist policies. Withdrawing from the rest of the world, the other countries slowly rebuild without the U.S. interfering with their governmental influence. Behind its walls, America maintains a facade of the “Nuclear Family” and the “Leave it to Beaver” attitude, with no civilians knowing that the government is twisting their views and controlling their lives.
Outside of America, with the major victor of the war effectively non-existent, countless minor wars are sparked over resources, the division of the defeated Germans, etc. For better or worse, the world continues on a very different path without Americas influence.


Years of technological bliss. Through years of isolation and the government not needing to deal with foreign policies, technology is able to progress at a phenomenal rate. The quality of air and purity of water outside of U.S. significantly decreases. The outside world begins to unite in their hatred of America.


WIth the growing industry of the insulated United States combined with the massively-polluted industries of the fragmented world outside constantly in conflict, it becomes obvious that the way of life has changed. The loss of much of the worlds ozone layer forces entire cities to be domed, hundreds of biodomes, underground vaults, and mountain-reinforced shelters are constructed in an attempt to preserve the “Good-Ol’” American way of life.


The Government prepares for nuclear conflict with “The Foreign Threat.”


The American government begins constructing many military bases and outposts for fear of Foreign invasion. Production of doming major cities, constructing underground vaults and shelters increases. The threat of another war is a constant fear. People begin to flee to their shelters and lock their doors for fear of their vaults being overfilled. Civilization breaks down.


Massive biological and chemical weapon strikes are dropped by both sides, with America taken the hardest immediate hits. Although the biological weapons didn’t have the most immediate effects, they played their part long after the nuclear weapons dropped, burning entire cities to ash and killing millions in an instant. Holes are literally blown in the atmosphere. The worlds oceans and ecology are poisoned by chemical and bio-agents. The world is uninhabitable, the world on fire, natural resources charred. The world goes virtually extinct in the span of 7 hours.

The Beginning After the End



The Savage Wasteland

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